Active since 2021, Practice Lab is a student-led graduate design studio based at Victorian College of the Arts, with a focus on work for the University of Melbourne and its precinct partners.

The Lab provides clients with the opportunity to engage with students in their development as designers and to realise projects that would be challenging to achieve via a commercial design studio. This sense of partnership with clients in creative research enquiry and design thinking is central to the Practice Lab model.

Practice Lab’s ultimate goal is to sustainably support design student development by enabling their participation real-world, research-based design projects.



Ethan Tsang (Lead)
Mia Murone
Georgia Hodgkinson
Hoang Tran Nguyen

Danny Butt (Chair)
Amanda Morgan
Peter Burke
Ella Egidy
Karen Ann Donnachie
Russel Kerr


Melbourne Connect
︎︎︎ Faculty of Engineering & IT
︎︎︎ Dr Ngardarb Francine Riches

Exterior Artworks for Recording Pods
︎︎︎ Southbank Library

University House 70th Anniversary Exhibition 
︎︎︎ UoM Museums and Collections


Varities of Imagination and Creativity e-Publication
︎︎︎ Enlightenment and Romanticism Contemporary Culture Research Unit 
︎︎︎ Unlikely